Standby track

To configure an interface so that the Hot Standby priority changes based on the availability of other interfaces, use the standby track interface configuration command. To remove the tracking, use the no form of this command.

standby [group-number] track type number [interface-priority]

no standby [group-number] track type number [interface-priority]

Syntax Description group-number type number interface-priority

(Optional) Group number on the interface to which the tracking applies.

Interface type (combined with interface number) that will be tracked.

Interface number (combined with interface type) that will be tracked.

(Optional) Amount by which the Hot Standby priority for the router is decremented (or incremented) when the interface goes down (or comes back up). The default value is 10.

Defaults group-number: 0

interface-priority: 10

Command Modes Interface configuration

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