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To configure Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) priority, preemption, and preemption delay, use the standby interface configuration command. To restore the default values, use the no form of this command.

standby [group-number] priority priority [preempt [delay delay]] standby [group-number] [priority priority] preempt [delay delay] no standby [group-number] priority priority [preempt [delay delay]] no standby [group-number] [priority priority] preempt [delay delay]

Syntax Description group-number (Optional) Group number on the interface to which the other arguments in this command apply.

priority priority (Optional) Priority value that prioritizes a potential Hot Standby router.

The range is 1 to 255, where 1 denotes the lowest priority and 255 denotes the highest priority. The default priority value is 100. The router in the HSRP group with the highest priority value becomes the active router.

preempt (Optional) The router is configured to preempt, which means that when the local router has a Hot Standby priority higher than the current active router, the local router should attempt to assume control as the active router. If preempt is not configured, the local router assumes control as the active router only if it receives information indicating that there is no router currently in the active state (acting as the designated router).

delay delay (Optional) Time in seconds. The delay argument causes the local router to postpone taking over the active role for delay seconds since that router was last restarted. The range is 0 to 3600 seconds (1 hour). The default is 0 seconds (no delay).

Defaults group-number: 0

priority: 100

delay: 0 seconds; if the router wants to preempt, it will do so immediately.

Command Modes Interface configuration

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