Why RIP Doesnt Support Discontiguous Networks

A discontiguous network is comprised of a major network separated by another major network. In Figure 2-7, network is separated by a subnet of network; here, is a discontiguous network.

Figure 2-7. An Example of a Discontiguous Network

Figure 2-7. An Example of a Discontiguous Network

RIP is a classful protocol. Whenever RIP advertises a network across a different major network boundary, RIP summarizes the advertised network at the major network boundary. In Figure 2-7, when Router 1 sends an update containing to Router 2 across, it converts into This process is called autosummarization.

Router 1 takes the following steps before sending an update to Router 2:

1. Is part of the same major network as, which is the subnet assigned to the interface that's sourcing the update?

2. No. Router 1 summarizes and advertises the route

The debug ip rip command output on Router 1 shows the update sent by Router 1, as demonstrated in Example 2-4.

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