RIP Routes Not in the Routing Table Cause Layer 12 Is Down

One cause for routes not in the routing table is Layers 1 or 2 being down. If Layers 1 or 2 are down, it's not a RIP problem. The following is a list of the most common things to check if the interface or line protocol is down:

• Unplugged cable

• Bad transceiver

• Bad interface card

• Layer 2 problem at telco, in case of a WAN link

• Missing clock statement, in case of back-to-back serial connection

Figure 3-3 shows the flowchart to follow to solve this problem based on this cause.

Figure 3-3. Flowchart to Solve Why RIP Routes Don't Show Up in a Routing


RIP routes are not in the routing table ot R2.

RIP will not receive any routing updates if Layerl/ 2 is down. Go to "Debugs and Verification' section.

Debugs and Verification

Example 3-8 shows that the Ethernet interface's line protocol is down, indicating that something is wrong at Layer 1 or Layer 2.

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