Example 394 debug ip rip Output Displays 1661661660 Is Not Being Advertised by R1

R1#debug ip rip

RIP protocol debugging is on

RIP: sending v1 update to via Ethernet0 ( RIP: build update entries network metric 1


This problem occurs because the next hop of is With split horizon, RIP will suppress this update from going out the same interface that is learned. Notice that the route was advertised by R1 because the next-hop address of that route was, which is a different interface on R1.

The solution lies in turning off split horizon on the Ethernet 0 interface of R1.

A similar situation would arise if was defined as a secondary interface address on R1, which will not advertise this secondary interface address in its RIP update unless split horizon is turned off.

Example 3-95 shows the new configuration on Router R1 to solve this problem. Example 3-95 Disabling Split-Horizon on R1's Ethernet 0 Interface

interface Ethernet0 ip address no ip split-horizon

Example 3-96 shows that after making the configuration changes, R2 is receiving in the RIP updates.

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