Static Routes

Static routing in the FWSM functions similar to the ip route statement in a Cisco router. The route will remain in the gateway even if the next hop is unavailable. For the same destination, a maximum of three equal cost routes can be in the FWSM. Note that for the traffic to be forwarded, the egress interface of the three equal cost routes for the destination has to be the same. Equal Cost Multipath (ECMP) can be specified only through one interface. The traffic will be distributed equally among gateways based on the algorithm and hash. The command to configure a static route in FWSM is

FWSM(config)# route if_name destination_ip mask gateway_ip [distance]

The following example creates a static route that sends all the traffic destined for 24 to the router interface, connected to the outside interface of the FWSM: FWSM(config)# route outside 1

While configuring redundancy, you can use static routes in the FWSM to point to the active HSRP gateway address of the Layer 3 next hop device. A static route from the Layer 3 next hop device points to the primary FWSM interface. With static routes, failover and redundancy symmetry are maintained with the Layer 3 network.

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