Whats on the CCNA Exam

Every test-taker would like to know exactly what is on the CCNA exam, as well as the other Cisco certification exams. Well, to be honest, exactly what is on the exam is a very closely guarded secret. Only those who write the questions for Cisco, and who have access to the entire question database, truly know what is really on the exam.

Cisco makes fairly general CCNA exam content available to the public at the Web site www.cisco.com/warp/public/10/wwtraining/certprog/lan/course.html. In fact, two direct quotes from this Web site sumarize the exam:

CCNA Certification skills: Install, configure, and operate simple-routed LAN, routed WAN, and switched LAN networks.

What defines "simple" networks: IP, IGRP, IPX, Serial, AppleTalk, Frame Relay, IP RIP, VLANs, IPX RIP, Ethernet, Access Lists.

Frankly, most people could guess more detail about the exam than what these two quotes say about it. As Cisco's authorized external publishing company, Cisco Press provides some additional information, part of which includes some details that are expected to be posted on Cisco's Web site at a later date. At press time, Cisco had not finalized what other details about the exam will be posted on the Web site, so none of those details can be discussed here. Fortunately, you'll have easy access to what Cisco does decide to post. Be sure to check Cisco's Web site for the latest information on the exam.

A couple of comments can be made about the exam in general:

• If we at Cisco Press believe that a topic is definitely on the exam, it is covered in Chapters 2 through 8.

• If we at Cisco Press believe that a topic is simply not in the Cisco CCNA question database, then it is not covered in this book. The only exception would be a topic that is not on the exam that must be explained in order to make a topic that is on the exam more understandable.

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