Principles for Project Success

The good news is that you can do many things to ensure project success. Many of these principles for project success, shown in Figure 6-26 as well as noted here, directly address the barriers to success:

■ System of accountability: Team members and sponsors must have defined roles and responsibilities and be accountable individually and collectively.

■ Good communication: Regular communication between the project team and sponsors is crucial. Communication strategies are needed to build awareness and interest by the key stakeholders.

■ Executive sponsorship: Executive sponsorship is crucial for securing cooperation for the project throughout the organization.

■ Executive authority: Someone must be in the position to make decisions about the project. This person must have the ability and willingness to end the project at any stage if it fails to meet agreed milestones, budget, or performance targets.

■ Milestones: Any project should have both short-term and long-term milestones with specific deliverables. These milestones must be actively measured and monitored.

Figure 6-26 Principles of Project Success

Figure 6-26 Principles of Project Success

System of Accountability

Executive Sponsorship

So, with project management as a basis for discussion, you can now answer the question of how this relates to the idea of project life cycle management and how project life cycle management can ensure the success of Internet-enabled IT applied to business processes.

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