Performance and Outcomes

How does the performance of an organization benefit from technology readiness?

■ With robust and comprehensive corporate-wide architectures, organizations can easily and frequently deploy applications without having to justify the cost of incremental investments in infrastructure for every value-added initiative.

■ Leaders who have such an infrastructure in place are in a much better position to launch initiatives rapidly and to exploit emerging opportunities.

Organizations that have prospered during the boom market of the late 1990s and that have survived and grown stronger during the recent downturn have used the Internet and IT to do the following:

■ Increase efficiency by putting information online and automating processes

■ Reduce costs by using the Internet to remove a layer of administrative costs

■ Increase sales by gaining new markets in places where the organization cannot establish a physical presence

■ Increase adaptability and resiliency by doing the following:

■ Distributing knowledge and core functions within businesses to those closest to the action

■ Adapting to changing business conditions

■ Forming virtual teams, such as alliances and partnerships

Think about some other benefits that your organization can gain from technology, and write them in the space provided.

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