Examining Workforce Optimization Solutions

As the previous section illustrates, process reengineering can be effectively applied to improve business processes. These improvements can lead to lower costs, higher throughput and quality, and increased revenue generation. Process improvement can be applied to those processes that a company uses to engage with customers and suppliers, or it can be applied to those processes that are strictly internal. This section shows how internal processes can benefit from Internet-enabled information and communications technology. You will see how workforce optimization solutions can be used to enhance people and process efficiency.

In this section, you will examine solutions in four areas:

■ Workforce optimization

■ Human resources management

■ Learning and development

For each solution, you will discover two things:

■ The challenges that the solution is designed to meet

■ The solution description

Examining these solutions will help you understand how organizations address various challenges and opportunities. These examples will help you understand solutions in the context of real organizations.

Workforce Optimization

The components of Workforce optimization, illustrated in Figure 4-15, are comprised of solutions that fall into two groups:

■ Communication-based solutions that target corporate communications, HR guidelines, employee directories, development, and training

■ Transaction-based solutions that target benefits, expense reporting, hiring, recruitment, and payroll

As noted earlier, both workforce optimization solution sets are web-based applications that address business needs. In the past, such solutions were primarily centralized applications that provided telemetry on the workforce to the company decision makers. Now, however, such systems increasingly are available directly to employees to allow them to manage their own working environment. As a consequence, workforce optimization solutions now include the following:

■ Automating and reducing administrative tasks

■ Enabling employees to do their jobs better by giving them access to information and tools

■ Shaping the organizational culture through self-service applications

■ Creating a learning environment

Figure 4-15 Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization

Figure 4-15 Workforce Optimization

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