Option 1 Single Server Csa Mc Deployment

In a single-server deployment, you run all management functions on one server. All configuration, event reception, polling, alerting, and database interaction happen on the single server. During the default installation of the CSA MC software, the database that is installed on this server is the MSDE database. This database is sufficient for deployments smaller than 500 agents because the maximum database size for an MSDE database is only 2.0 GB. You do have the option of running Microsoft SQL 2000 on this server to house the database. To accomplish this, you either migrate the pre-installed MSDE database to SQL or implement the SQL software prior to installing the CSA MC software on the server.

It is important to understand that a single server deployment should never scale beyond 20,000 agents. The hardware requirements are listed later in this chapter in the section, "CSA MC Server Hardware Requirements." Another reason not to use a single-server deployment is that all configuration and event information is stored in the database. Therefore, you should consider the disaster recovery scenario for the server. If you were to lose this server because of software or hardware failure, you could not receive events or make policy changes to the deployed hosts. To recover from failure, you would need to restore from a backup that could be time consuming. If you want to have some level of control during a server outage, you should consider using any of the multi-server architectures listed in the next few sections.

NOTE Technically, the active servers in your deployment can exceed three if you use a SQL server redundancy scheme, such as mirroring.

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