Not Sizing Hardware Appropriately for the Pilot Deployment

Many things can affect how hardware should be sized for a CSA pilot; however, there are a few key things to remember (in addition to the guides mentioned in the CSA documentation and release notes for the version you are using):

• The CSA MC and the VMS software suite that it relies on for operation is not typically memory-intensive. 6-8 GB of RAM is more than sufficient for a large (80-100,000 machines) deployment (in most cases).

• Disk space, and CPU speed (and the number of CPUs) are the limiting factors.

— Disk space needs to accommodate the CSA database (MSDE for small deployments, SQL 2000 Standard, or Enterprise depending on the size of the deployment) and log files locally.

— The number and speed of the CPUs needed for your deployment depend on several factors:

Number of agents

Polling time

Network bandwidth (how fast the agents send up traffic)

• Most large environments or deployments (over 10,000 agents) require at least two processors over 3.0 Ghz in speed.

For a pilot or test environment (limited in number to under 500 if you use MSDE, or 5,000 if you are using a local copy of SQL 2000 Server), a fairly small machine will be sufficient to complete the pilot.

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