CSA MC Server Installation CSA Deployment

CSA MC Server Installation

One of the first decisions you make regarding your CSA deployment is how to architect the Cisco Security Agent Management Console (CSA MC) servers. In versions previous to Cisco Security Agent (CSA) 4.5, you were allowed to install only a single management server that handled the configuration, polling and events, and database tasks. This server also housed the database locally as either the native Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) database or the upgraded Microsoft SQL database. Since the release of version 4.5, the architecture options have changed. You can now implement up to three servers and split the tasks across them for maximum performance, reliability, scalability, and better disaster recovery options. This chapter provides you with the information you need to decide which architecture is right for your deployment and also the steps necessary to implement the management server architecture. In this chapter, we explore:

• The possible CSA MC server implementation options

• Installing CSA MC servers in various configurations

• Upgrading from MSDE to Microsoft SQL 2000

• Preparing a Microsoft SQL 2000 for a CSA MC installation

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