Token Ring Errors

If errors are encountered on a Token Ring network, they can be classified into two general types—soft and hard errors. Soft errors do not require a full recovery of all stations and can be tolerated by the ring. For example, a corrupt frame (one with a bad checksum, for instance) is a soft error. On the other hand, hard errors are serious errors that cause network disruption. For example, a beacon frame is a hard error.

Note: Token Ring's popularity in the 1970s and '80s means that the technology will be around for a while. There is no realjustification to rip out all the Token Ring infrastructure and spend thousands of dollars to install Ethernet networks. New installations are tending to be Ethernet also becasue of the cost in relation to Token Ring. Token Ring cards are more expensive than Ethernet cards, because Token Ring stations require a considerable amount of circuitry to accommodate the extensive management and ring operation.

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