PIX with Three Interfaces Running a Web Server on the DMZ

A PIX with three interfaces is one of the most commonly used PIX hardware configurations in use in most enterprise networks today. The three interfaces are the inside, the outside, and a DMZ interface. As discussed earlier, the DMZ interface is used to house the servers that are to be accessed from the public network. In this case study, the server is a web server sitting on the DMZ interface. Example 8-1 shows the configuration for a PIX Firewall with three interfaces with a web server residing on the DMZ interface.

This case study also gives a detailed description of all the commands that go into setting up a PIX. In the case studies after this, only the commands that have not been explained in this case study are described.

Figure 8-12 shows the network topology for this case study. Figure 8-12 Network Topology for This Case Study

SNMP Server

( Inside Interface




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