Figure 813 Select Web Listener Screen

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At the User Sets screen, select the users who the rule will apply to and click Next. Review the configuration and click Finish to create the rule. Once again, if you want to apply the rule to the firewall, you must then click Apply in the management console.

Performing Application Filtering

ISA Server 2004 contains a number of built-in application filters to provide for application layer inspection of the corresponding traffic. Configuring the application filters is performed in various locations within the management console. For web filters, just right-click an HTTP or HTTPS rule anc select Configure HTTP. By default, Microsoft ISA Server 2004 supports the following HTTP applicatic filtering options:

• Maximum header length (in bytes)

• Maximum payload length (in bytes)

• URL length and query length protection (in bytes)

• URL normalization and high bit character blocking

• Windows executable blocking

• User defined HTTP method filtering (for example, denying POST methods)

• File extension filtering

• User-defined HTTP header content

• User-defined signature content filtering

For application filters, most can be managed from the add-ins screen, as shown in Figure 8-14.

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