Figure 46 Program Exception List

There is a difference between specifying a program in the exceptions list and statically opening a TCP or UDP port. The difference comes from the fact that specifying a specific application in the exceptions list means that the port that the application listens on will be allowed through the firewall only if the defined application opens the port. The disadvantage to specifying the application in the exceptions is that if the port is used by another application, the firewall will not permit traffic through to the application because it is not the program defined in the exception list.

To specify which computers can have access to the ports that the program listens on, change the scope of the permitted access. To do so, click the Change Scope button at the lower-left corner of the window. Doing so opens the Change Scope window shown in Figure 4-7. Here you can add a custom list of IP addresses to allow exceptions for the program in the firewall. Alternatively, the entire local subnet, or even foreign networks, can be provided access.

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