Figure 134 Failed Connection to Website

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The connection has timed out

The snvtï at www. frt«jv fj { c tahrq loo bog id répond.

» Tta Liiu cull bi in"fcia*fi jiat iùùbjiT. Tr> açuiï f a ft*


■ If ÎJj #U Uflàim tf lj*J 4 h PdPgWL. iJ-W-l ■JLJilW.ii''* rat«*Jli

■ Il TM I.ÎTT?.-'*:« rr^Ar-TL >. trofctqftd ftp 4 rrcinif. méi un Hurl

r« *a>l c; omih! «a m ùt &tf.t » wflb.

One of the first steps to take is to test the connectivity. Doing so involves verifying that the firewall is up and running as well as verifying that the Internet connection is working.

To verify that the firewall is operational from a hardware perspective requires a physical examination of the firewall device. The firewall power light should be on, and both inside and outside interface indicators should be on. These indicators vary depending on the specific brand of firewall. On the PIX, they are found on the interface ports themselves, as shown by the two arrows in Figure 13-5.

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