Example 113 PIX Logging

logging on logging timestamp logging trap informational logging facility 21

logging host inside

The command logging on tells the device to turn on logging on the device, and the logging timest ensures that a date/time field is inserted in each syslog message sent to the remote syslog server. T informational command specifies the level of logging to be conducted. The reason why Information use for logging with the PIX is because it provides enough information to monitor the traffic going th without overwhelming the administrator with unnecessary information. Level 7, Debug, is typically u determine a problem with the configuration of the PIX or why some capability of the PIX does not w facility 21 syntax specifies which syslog facility is used. The facility 21 syntax translates, accordin local use 5. Finally, the last line, logging host inside, tells the PIX to send its mess the "inside" of the PIX (that is, the host on the internal network) with the IP address of

No matter how the firewall logs information, it is critical that the logged information be reviewed by Administrators can distill the information from firewalls and other sources via a variety of different lc These tools range from commercial tools such as CiscoWorks VMS to open source or freeware tools. resource for log analysis tools is the website http://www.loganalysis.org. Cisco provides detailed ins set up a syslog server to receive the various messages generated by the PIX firewall. These instruct any device that can generate a syslog message and can be found here:

http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/vpndevc/ps2030/products tech note09186a008009403C

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