Configuring the Trend Micro Firewall

Configuring the Trend Micro firewall is straightforward and easy. When the firewall software, which is a part of Trend Micro's PC-cillin Internet security suite, has been installed, the main control panel should be opened. This can be done either by right-clicking the Trend Micro Internet security suite icon in the notification area at the lower right of the Windows taskbar and then choosing the Open Main option or by just double-clicking the icon. Alternatively, the user can open PC-cillin's main panel by choosing Start > Programs > Trend Micro PC-cillin > Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2005. To verify that PC-cillin has registered properly in Windows XP's security center, you can launch the security center by choosing Start > Control Panels > Windows Security Center (which brings up the Windows Security Center window displayed in Figure 4-10). From here you can see that the Trend Micro PC-cillin software has registered itself as both the firewall for the system (effectively disabling the built-in Windows Firewall) and the antivirus suite for this system.

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