From Wes:

I'd like to thank my wife for once again sacrificing the time it took me to work on another book. I couldn't do this without you.

I could not have done this had Brian Ford not been willing to take a chance on bringing me in on this project. Likewise, I appreciate the chance to work with Ido Dubrawsky and look forward to future partnerships. I want to thank both Brian and Ido for the opportunity and privilege of working with them both. To Brett Bartow and Andrew Cupp, I know we drove you crazy from time to time, but thanks for being patient and sticking with us and providing the guidance and encouragement we needed to finish this project.

Thank you to my colleagues both at Collective Technologies and NetIQ for giving me the opportunity to mature and grow as an engineer and a person. To Jeff Pollard for giving me the time I needed to finish this project, everyone should be so lucky as to work for a boss like you. I'd also like to thank Geri Williams for providing technical expertise on the late nights of writing. I'd be remiss if I didn't thank the technical and copy editors for helping to ensure not only the technical accuracy of what I wrote, but for making me sound far more intelligent than I am by making it appear that I have a much better grasp of English and the written word than I do!

Finally, thank you to my family and friends for all of their support and encouragement. Roll 20s and Semper Fidelis.

From Ido:

I would like to thank, first and foremost, my wife, whom I dearly love and treasure and without whom I would not be where I am today. Second, I wish to give my thanks to my wonderful children, who are truly the light of my life. I took time away from my family to write this book, and there were moments where I wished to be there more for them but could not be. I love all of you with all of my heart. May G-d bless you all and keep you. May G-d shine his countenance upon you all and be gracious to you. May G-d lift his countenance to you all and bring you peace.

I wish to also thank Wes Noonan for agreeing to work on this project as a great co-author and to thank Brett Bartow for being as patient an editor as he has been. My schedule notwithstanding, this has been a trial for both of them, too. Thanks also to Brian Ford for bringing me in on this project and for listening to me when I was frustrated with it.

To my good friend Ben Bazian who has been a source of humor and good counsel when I needed it I wish to give a very big thank you. A big thanks also goes to Nigel Willson for being a great national director for the Security Consulting Practice over at AT&T. I also want to thank Ricardo Farraj-Ruiz, Charles Outlaw, and Karl Weaver over at CRS in the Library of Congress for being great people to work with. And last but certainly not least, thanks to David Barak and Peter Griffin over at AT&T/Callisma. David has amazed me with his vast knowledge of service provider routing, and Peter has immense knowledge in the optical world and in that strange world that is Callisma management.



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