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Security Monitor Event Viewer

The Event Viewer combines the functionality of a spreadsheet with that of a hierarchical, drilldown directory to create a collection of event records called a drillsheet (drilldown spreadsheet). The drillsheet displays groups of similar event records on a single row of the grid, enabling you to detect patterns in the data.

Table 56 IEEE 8023u Autonegotiation Specifications

Pick a normal activity tim e for a baseline to d o your in terface and controller monitoring. Compare the same activity at different times of the day, week, month, and year and capture the details in a spreadsheet or da tabgse for nee management a nd long -term planning. You

Determining Trunking Requirements

Using the output from the spreadsheet, the trunking requirements for each site and between each site can be determined. The call-flow rate for the busy hour can be translated to approximate data-network bandwidth requirements. In order to determine the trunking requirements, the busy hour call flow must be converted to a traffic measurement called an erlang. An erlang is equivalent to the amount of traffic that can be handled by a single trunk in one hour. To convert the busy hour calculation to erlangs, divide the 1-h call-flow rate by 60 min and multiply by 15 percent. The 15 percent is added to compensate for call setup and teardown overhead. This is depicted in the following equation.

Viruses Worms and Trojan Horses

Virus cannot run by itself it requires that its host program be run to make the virus active. Viruses are commonly spread through e-mail attachments, such as graphic images, word processing documents, and data spreadsheets. The virus is embedded in these attachments and infects the system when the user launches or executes the attachment. Examples of viruses include Melissa, BugBear, and Klez.

Configuring a Voice Network Directory

When most people think of a corporate phone directory, visions of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets e-mailed out monthly come to mind. Isn't there a better way Sure there is Cisco IP phones support a local directory that you can update from the CME router as you are configuring devices.

ACS Service Monitoring

These reports are all stored in .CSV files and are stored in the Program Files Cisco Secure ACS v2.3 Logs directory on the ACS server. These raw .CSV files can be imported into leading database and spreadsheet applications for further analysis and recording over and above the reports generated by the Cisco Secure ACS server.

Application Management

The operating system locates an application and loads it into the RAM of the computer. Applications are software programs, such as word processors, databases, spreadsheets, games, and many other applications. The operating system ensures that each application has adequate system resources.

Keep and Maintain Network Documentation

Document your network with both electronic media and old-fashioned paper. Electronically, use spreadsheets, graphics programs, network management tools, or any other means at your disposal to keep the documentation up to date. Electronic documentation has the advantage of portability however, it has the disadvantage of limited access and vulnerability to outages. If you keep the documentation on your laptop or desktop, but make it inaccessible to others on your staff by either taking it with you or using passwords, they cannot use the documentation when you are not around. For security reasons (or to satisfy company politics), you might desire this, but in most cases this is not a good practice.


Communicate relevant data for each user session to the AAA server for recording. Cisco Secure ACS writes accounting records to a comma-separated value (CSV) log file or ODBC database, depending on your configuration. You can easily import these logs into popular database and spreadsheet applications for billing, security audits, and report generation. You can generate the following types of accounting


Layer 7 in the SNA architectural model. Represents user application functions, such as spreadsheets, word-processing, or e-mail, by which users interact with the network. Corresponds roughly with the application layer of the OSI reference model. See also data flow control layer, data-link control layer, path control layer, physical control layer, presentation services layer, and transaction services layer.

Creating CSV Files

BAT spreadsheet BAT spreadsheet You can create CSV files in one of two ways by using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet BAT.xlt file or by using a text editor such as Microsoft Notepad. The BAT spreadsheet simplifies the creation of CSV data files. When you are adding new devices to the system, you can use this spreadsheet, which was designed to use with BAT. You can add multiple devices and view the records for each device in a spreadsheet format. It allows you to customize the file format within the spreadsheet and provides validation and error checking automatically to help reduce configuration errors. Experienced BAT users who are comfortable with working in a CSV-formatted file can use a text editor to create a CSV data file. Creating CVS File Using BAT Spreadsheet Phones This figure shows the BAT.xlt Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can find this spreadsheet in the directory C CiscoWebs BAT ExcelTemplate on the publisher database server. You probably do not have Microsoft Excel...

Backup and Restore

Likewise, the need for backup and restore functionality applies to your network. Here, your user data is not Word files or Excel spreadsheets, but the configuration data of your network. This data is very critical and needs to be protected, just as you would protect the accounting data and customer database of your company. Imagine some catastrophic event taking down a portion of your network and wiping out configurations, possibly affecting thousands of end users or customers, who might be getting more disgruntled and impatient by the minute. There would be no time to reconfigure network equipment one by one and reprovision every service. This would simply be too inefficient and would take too much time. Instead, the quickest, simplest, and most reliable way to bring things back up would be to simply restore your network to the last working configuration. As with PCs, having to restore the network is a function that you will hopefully never have to invoke. Still, it is a critical...

Viewing a CSV Report

Files in CSV format can be imported into spreadsheets by using most popular spreadsheet application software. Refer to your spreadsheet software documentation for instructions. You can also use a third-party reporting tool to manage report data. For example, aaa-reports by Extraxi supports ACS (http

Management Platforms

For example, the PC operating system includes basic functionality such as a file explorer and Internet browser, and might come bundled with a basic word-processing program and spreadsheet, with an abundance of additional applications available that run on top of it and make the PC operating system more useful. Those applications leverage certain operating system infrastructure, such as the file system. The management platform, on the other hand, provides out-of-the-box support for basic management needs such as network monitoring and discovery, with additional add-on applications available to cater to more advanced needs. Those applications use management platform infrastructure. An example are functions that allow applications to communicate with network devices, as well as functions that keep an inventory of the equipment in the network and that cache their configuration in an internal database. Also, where a PC operating system offers plug-in support for additional device drivers,...

OSI Reference Model

The OSI reference model has seven layers, as shown in Figure 1-20, each illustrating a particular network function. This separation of networking functions is called layering. The OSI reference model defines the network functions that occur at each layer. More importantly, the OSI reference model facilitates an understanding of how information travels throughout a network. In addition, the OSI reference model describes how data travels from application programs (for example, spreadsheets), through a network medium, to an application program located in another computer, even if the sender and receiver are connected using different network media.

Evaluating Risk

Note Automatic risk analysis tools are available in many sophisticated spreadsheet software packages. However, because of a lack of standards in how to perform risk analysis, the manner in which most losses and the likelihood of the losses are quantified and are represented should be clearly understood. If the methodology is fully understood and acceptable, an automatic risk analysis tool may be an adequate solution for evaluating risk.


There are several types of network attacks. Some of the most popular network attacks include viruses, worms, Trojans, DoS, DDoS, spyware, and phishing. Viruses are executable software that attack a host by attaching to a program or file such as an e-mail or spreadsheet. Viruses can wreak havoc on the target PC if the virus executes on the user's machine. Worms are more network-centric than viruses and do not require a host to replicate. Worms look for vulnerabilities to attack and initiate other network connections. Trojans attack by attempting to masquerade as something innocuous, such as a screen-saver or game. DoS attacks prevent legitimate network activity by attacking a vulnerability such as an expected packet size or buffer size for an application. A DDoS attack prevents legitimate network traffic by flooding the network with traffic from multiple or distributed sources, such as from zombies or botnets. Spyware is a network attack that monitors or spies on a user's activity,...

Accounting Overview

When you use AAA accounting, the router can send messages either to the AAA server or to a remote SYSLOG server, depending on your configuration. You then have the ability to import the accounting records into a spreadsheet or accounting program for viewing. The CSACS can be used to store these accounting messages, and you can also download these accounting statements in .CSV format or use Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) logging, which is supported in CSACS.

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