Network Address Translation See [NAT 1 network layer

The layer of the OSI model that is responsible for providing globally unique addressing and the means to find destinations within the network.

network service access point. See [NSAP. ]

Next Hop Resolution Protocol. See [NHRP. ]

NHRP. Next Hop Resolution Protocol.

A routing protocol used over SVC-capable networks to gain the advantages of full mesh topologies without some of the problems.

nonbroadcast multi-access. See [NBMA.] not-so-stubby area. See [NSSA.]

NSAP. network service access point.

An identifier used to identify a host and service in CLNS.

NSSA. not-so-stubby area.

An OSPF area into which external routes (type 5 LSAs) are not advertised but in which external routes can originate.


A virtual interface; packets sent to this interface are thrown away.


A group of eight binary digits; an octet can represent the numbers 0 to 255 in decimal.

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