General Routing Concepts

Routing simply means moving a packet from one location to another. Routing uses best-effort deliveryand occurs at layer 3 (the Network layer) of the OSI model. An example of a routing protocol that routes IP is Routing Information Protocol (RIP). Routing protocols provide the information required to determine the topology of the internetwork and the best path to a destination. A routed protocol is one that is routed by a routing protocol such as RIP. IP is an example of a routed protocol. The following sections discuss the differences between a routed and routing protocol and provide some common examples.

In contrast to routing, switching is the moving of a frame or frames from one location to another. Switching occurs at layer 2 in the OSI model. An example of a switching protocol is transparent bridging.

Note: Chapter 3 describes the available bridging and switching modes available on a Cisco router.

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