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Are you annoyed with missing, outdated, or corrupted drivers? DriverTuner can help you fix driver issues to keep your PC in a healthy state in just a few minutes! The quicker you get DriverTuner, the sooner your driver troubles will be gone! Largest Driver Database With Over 20 Million Associated Device Drivers. Key Features: Powerful Ability to Download Up-to-Date Drivers & Maximize PC Performance Can't play the latest games? DriverTuner can help you update the old drivers with the latest drivers for your computer and increase the ease at which you can run the latest Cpu-intensive software such as games. It will boost your PC and maximize your PC performance! Easy-to-Use DriverTuner excels in its easy-to-use interface. Any driver issues can be fixed with a few clicks of your mouse. It is easy enough for computer novices to figure out in a flash. Comprehensive Driver Database Based on a huge and comprehensive database of more than 5,000,000 driver entries, DriverTuner supports drivers for almost all major computer hardware and device manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Asus, Nvidia, Intel, Realtek, Brother, Epson, Compaq, Gateway, and so on. More here...

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The interface is user friendly with its intuitive layout. Also, the addition of the prompt, with expert advice sets it apart from all the other similar programs. The LionSea Driver Tuner installation process is clean and without any unpleasant surprises like hidden toolbars, adds or anything like that. However, the installation process takes a bit longer than expected and you actually have to go through ten steps before the installation is complete, but that can hardly be considered a downside though.

I personally recommend to buy this software. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Driver Detective

Driver Detective software is designed to quickly locate the most current drivers specific to your computer system through its user friendly interface and access to an extensive database. Driver Detective saves the frustration and extensive time investment usually associated with updating drivers. Driver Detective is using the most accurate and comprehensive Driver Scanning Engine (Dse) on the planet, built from the ground up using the latest technology with over 10 years of experience in the driver scanning/detection industry.

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Official Website: www.driversupport.com

Easy Driver Pro

Easy Driver Pro performs a complete scan of your all of the devices in or attached to your computer. It checks everything such as sound card, graphic card, monitor, mouse, printer, etc. to see if you have the latest, most compatible device drivers installed. It can determine which Windows Drivers are either missing, corrupt, or have become obsolete. Next, Easy Driver Pro searches a database of over 11 million drivers and matches missing, corrupt, or obsolete Windows Drivers to the latest, most compatible drivers for your operating system. Before install the new drivers, Easy Driver Pro backs up your existing Windows Drivers and settings to create a restore point just in case one of the Windows Drivers turns out to still be incompatible. Easy Driver Pro updates your Windows Drivers, based on the scan, and matches to the latest most compatible versions. Corrupt device drivers can cause everything from a specific feature not working to complete failure of a device. Normally each device must have a driver written for the specific version of the operating system you are using. For example, a graphics driver for windows XP will either not work at all in windows 7 or provide very poor performance if does provide some functionality. In most cases, the incorrect driver will not work at all. How Do I Fix Windows Driver Problems? Download Easy Driver Pro and follow the instructions above to make certain that your Windows Drivers are up-to-date.

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Driver Smith

Automatically Update And Backup Windows Drivers, Such As Graphic Card Drivers, Sound Card Drivers,printer Driver And Usb Driver.

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Device Drivers

One of the primary functions of an operating system is to provide hardware abstraction between platform hardware and the programs that run on it. This hardware abstraction typically occurs in device drivers that are part of the operating system, making those components an integral part of the system. IOS is no different in that regard. IOS contains device drivers for a range of platform hardware devices, such as Flash cards and NVRAM, but most notable are its device drivers for network interfaces. IOS network interface device drivers provide the primary intelligence for packet operations in and out of interfaces. Each driver consists of two main components a control component and a data component. The control component is responsible for managing the state and status of the device (for example, shutting down an interface). The data component is responsible for all data flow operations through the device and contains logic that assists with the packet switching operations. IOS device...

Printer Drivers

Printer drivers are software programs that enable the computer and the printer to communicate with each other. Drivers also provide an interface for the user to configure printer options. Every printer model has a unique driver. Printer manufacturers frequently update drivers to increase the printer's performance, to add options, or to fix problems. You can download new printer drivers from the manufacturer's website. To update and test a printer driver, follow these steps Step 2. Download the driver. Download the printer driver files to your computer. Most driver files come in a compressed or zipped format. Download the file to a folder, and uncompress or unzip the contents. Save instructions or documentation to a separate folder on your computer. Step 3. Install the downloaded driver. Install the downloaded driver automatically or manually. Most printer drivers have a setup file that automatically searches the system for older drivers and replaces them with the new one. If no setup...

Interaction with Interface Processors

But after the packet is in memory, device drivers notify the switching engine that there is a packet to be switched. Device drivers are the critical pieces of code that connect the interface processors to the switching path in the router. Device drivers generally do several things

Install or Update a NIC Driver

When installing a new driver, be sure to disable virus protection software so that none of the files is incorrectly installed. Some virus scanners detect a driver update as a possible virus attack. Also, only one driver should be installed at a time otherwise, some updating processes may conflict. A best practice is to close all applications that are running so that they do not use any files associated with the driver update. Before updating a driver, you should visit the manufacturer's website. In many cases, you can download a self-extracting executable driver file that automatically installs or updates the driver. Alternatively, you can click the Update Driver button in the Device Manager toolbar.

Worksheet 891 Internet Search for NIC Drivers

Instructor Note There are many Internet sites where driver downloads may be found. It is likely there will not be one correct answer. If your students do not have Internet access, perform this lab as a demonstration. Complete the following table. An example has been provided for you. Drivers are routinely updated. Manufacturers often move driver files to different areas of their websites. Version numbers change frequently. The driver in the example was found by visiting the manufacturer's (www.intel.com) website. A search for the full name of the NIC was used to find the driver download file.

Identify Common Problems and Solutions

Computer problems can be attributed to hardware, software, networks, or some combination of the three. You will resolve some types of computer problems more often than others. A stop error is a hardware or software malfunction that causes the system to lock up. This type of error is known as the blue screen of death (BSoD) and appears when the system is unable to recover from an error. The BSoD is usually caused by device driver errors. The Event Log and other diagnostic utilities are available to research a stop error or BSoD error. To prevent these types of errors, verify that the hardware and software drivers are compatible. In addition, install the latest patches and updates for Windows. When the system locks up during startup, the computer can automatically reboot. The reboot is caused by the autorestart function in Windows and makes it difficult to see the error message. The auto-restart function can be disabled in the Advanced Startup Options menu. Table 12-4 is a chart of...

Managing Multicast Traffic

The sending process specifies a destination address defined as a multicast address. The device driver in the sending server converts this address to the corresponding Ethernet address and sends the packet out on the network. The receiving devices, or clients, must indicate that they want to receive datagrams destined for a given multicast address. Complications arise when multicasting is extended beyond a single physical network and multicast packets pass through routers.

Control Hardware Access

The operating system manages the interaction between applications and the hardware. To access and communicate with the hardware, the operating system installs a device driver for each hardware component. A device driver is a small program written by the hardware manufacturer and supplied with the hardware component. When the hardware device is installed, the device driver is also installed, allowing the OS to communicate with the hardware component.

Interface processor

Recall from the preceding section that when a packet is received and copied into memory, the processor is interrupted and the device driver code runs. After the device driver has run, the switching code runs while the processor is still in the context of this receive interrupt.


Gateways can be almost any type of computer. The only criterion is that the gateway device be capable of translating between the two protocols' address architectures and data structures. This requires that the gateway computer have the necessary NICs, device drivers, and conversion software to function as a gateway. Of course, it would also be beneficial if this computer also had the processing power needed to accommodate the loads that will be placed on it

Windows 95 Version B

Step 8 The Update Device Driver Wizard launches and will eventually indicate that it was unable to locate a driver for the device. Click Next. Step 11 The Update Device Driver Wizard should indicate it has found the driver. Note The device driver included with Windows ME will need to be updated, as driver version 8.00 Step 6 Click on the Driver tab. Click the Update Driver button. This will launch the Update Device Driver Wizard. Note The device driver included with Windows 2000 will need to be updated, as driver version Note The device driver included with Windows XP will need to be updated, as driver version 8.00 Step 8 Click the Update Driver tab. This will launch the Hardware Update Wizard.


The Registry is a central, secure database in which Windows 2000 and Windows XP stores all hardware configuration information, software configuration information, and system security policies. Components that use the Registry include the Windows kernel, device drivers, setup programs, NTDETECT.COM, hardware profiles, and user profiles.

Management Platforms

For example, the PC operating system includes basic functionality such as a file explorer and Internet browser, and might come bundled with a basic word-processing program and spreadsheet, with an abundance of additional applications available that run on top of it and make the PC operating system more useful. Those applications leverage certain operating system infrastructure, such as the file system. The management platform, on the other hand, provides out-of-the-box support for basic management needs such as network monitoring and discovery, with additional add-on applications available to cater to more advanced needs. Those applications use management platform infrastructure. An example are functions that allow applications to communicate with network devices, as well as functions that keep an inventory of the equipment in the network and that cache their configuration in an internal database. Also, where a PC operating system offers plug-in support for additional device drivers,...


IOS device drivers provide a hardware abstraction layer between the media hardware and the operating system. The network interface device drivers are tightly coupled to the packet switching software. In Chapter 2, Packet Switching Architecture, we examine this packet switching software in more detail.

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