TCPIP Services

The TCP/IP protocol provides a number of services that allow users to connect to local or remote hosts. Specifically, these services include:

► Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)

► Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

► Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

The following sections cover each of these services along with the IOS commands used to implement them on Cisco routers.

Table 5.4 Other TCP functions.

Function Name


TCP Half Close

Allows one station to receive data, even though it has completed data transfer.

Simultaneous Open

Specifies the state when two stations simultaneous try to connect to each other. TCP detects this event and shuts down one of the sessions.

Simultaneous Close

Specifies the event when two stations close at the same time. TCP handles this situation.

Slow Start

Monitors the rate at which segments are sent and acknowledged to make sure no segments are lost in intermediate parts of the network. The window size is gradually increased; hence, the name slow start.

Nagle Algorithm

States that only one TCP connection can have only one outstanding packet to be acknowledged at any time. The Nagle algorithm is turned off by default on a Cisco router. To turn it on, apply the service Nagle command.

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