Configuring HSRP

You can configure certain HSRP parameters to elect a default gateway router and monitor routers' WAN links. To illustrate, let's configure HSRP on Routers R1 and R2 shown in Figure 5.6. Let's make Router R1 the default gateway, because the link on Router R2 is occasionally prone to WAN problems. All PCs on the network are configured to use the default IP gateway Listing 5.3 displays the configuration for Routers R1 and R2.

Listing 5.3 HSRP configuration on R1 and R2.

Hostname R1 interface Ethernet0 ip address standby priority 120 !Highest priority wins standby preempt standby ip !HSRP address used by local devices standby track Serial0 ! Monitor serial 0 for failures Hostname R2

ip address standby priority 110 standby preempt standby ip standby track Serial0

In Listing 5.3, Router R1 will be the active default gateway, because it has the higher priority. If Router R1 fails, Router R2 will assume the virtual IP address of

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