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TFTP Server tftp:

The Cisco IFS feature provides a single interface to all the file systems that a Cisco router uses, including the following:

■ Flash memory file systems

■ Network file systems: TFTP, Remote Copy Protocol (RCP), and FTP (This lesson only discusses commands used to transfer Cisco IOS images and configuration files to and from a TFTP server.)

■ Any other endpoint for reading or writing data (such as NVRAM, the running configuration in RAM, and so on)

One key feature of the Cisco IFS is the use of the URL convention to specify files on network devices and the network.

Table 6-2 contains some commonly used URL prefixes for Cisco file devices.

Table 6-2 Common URLs for IOS File Devices




Bootflash memory.


Flash memory. This prefix is available on all platforms. For platforms that do not have a device named flash, the prefix flash: is aliased to slot0. Therefore, the prefix flash: can be used to refer to the main flash memory storage area on all platforms.

continues continues

Table 6-2 Common URLs for IOS File Devices (Continued)




Flash load helper log files.


FTP network server.


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