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Ever since I was in grade school, whenever the teacher announced that we were having a test soon, someone would always ask, "What's on the test?" Even in college, people would try to get more infomrmation about what would be on the exams. At heart, the goal is to know what to study hard, what to study a little, and what to not study at all.

Cisco does want you to know what topics to study and wants you to be well prepared for your exams. However, Cisco does not want to be so specific that you could just memorize a certain set of facts and pass the exams. In short, Cisco wants you to pass the exams because you know your stuff, not because you memorized a set of questions that someone posted (possibly illegally) on an Internet site.

So, what can be said about the content of the exams? First, Cisco posts exam topics for each exam. This official posting is the basis for what Cisco intends to put on the exams, so you should pay particularly close attention to this list. Also, the breadth and depth of topics on the exams tend to match the Cisco Authorized courses with which they are associated, so it is useful to know the outlines for those courses. Finally, Cisco designs the Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP) course materials with CCNA in mind. Looking at all these sources can help give you insight into CCNA.

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