The Cisco IOS Software Command Line Interface

The majority of Cisco routers run Cisco IOS Software. IOS supplies several features, including basic connectivity for a variety of protocols, security features for those protocols, plus reliable and scalable network services. In short, IOS supplies network services to computers that use networked applications.

The exam topics covered in this section will become second nature to you as you work with Cisco routers more often. In this chapter, you will learn about the following three main features of Cisco IOS Software:

■ You must know about the Cisco IOS Software command-line interface (CLI), which is the text-based user interface to a Cisco router.

■ You need to understand the process of how to configure a router, even though you might not know all the commands that you can use to configure a router. (Later chapters cover a variety of configuration commands.)

■ You need to know about upgrading Cisco IOS Software in a router; upgrading requires a reboot of the router, so you also need to know what happens during the boot process.

By the time you are finished with your CCNA study, the router CLI and configuration topics in this chapter will be second nature, for the most part.

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