Suggestions for Final Preparation

Everyone has their own study habits, and you should know what works well for you. However, here are a few suggestions you can try in the week or two before you take the exam:

■ Reread the "Foundation Summary" sections of each chapter.

■ When reviewing tables and definitions, you should cover up portions of summary tables with a piece of paper, forcing yourself to try to remember the details instead of just glancing at them.

■ Answer all the questions from inside the book again. You should strive to master these questions so that you can answer the questions quickly.

■ If you are still slow in answering subnetting questions, practice until you can find the subnet number and broadcast address when the mask is "difficult" within 1 minute. You can use the CD-based chapter with 25 subnetting practice questions for this exercise.

■ Before using the CD for general questions, use the mode that lets you perform a simulated exam. This will help you prepare for the exam experience.

■ Repeat answering all the questions on the CD until you can answer most of them almost automatically.

■ Using a real set of routers and switches, or using a simulation product (such as Netsim, which is included on the accompanying CD), practice these basic skills:

— Accessing a switch and a router

— Configuring basic administrative settings (passwords, host name, IP addresses)

— Practice configuring IP, static routes, and RIP

— Refer to Appendix C for a list of labs from this book that can be performed using the NetSim simulator that is included on the accompanying CD.

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