Solutions to Part C Verification and Questions

The answers to the questions for Part C are as follows:

1. The show ip arp command (refer to Example 16-7) contains MAC and IP addresses.

2. The trace command could be used to find the path that a packet would take from R3 to (refer to Example 16-7).

3. To change the IP address on an interface, use the following steps:

R3> enable password: password R3#configure terminal R3(config)#interface ethernet 0

R3(config-if)#ip address


4. To find all commands that start with the letter C, do the following:

clear clock configure connect copy R3#c

5. The two commands that list the currently used configuration in a router are show running-config and write terminal.

6. The two commands that list the configuration that will be used the next time the router is reloaded are show startup-config and show config.

7. CDP stands for Cisco Discovery Protocol.

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