Remote Access Technologies

Earlier in this book, you learned about Ethernet LANs, point-to-point WAN links, and Frame Relay. All of these technologies can be used to connect a corporate site to the Internet. However, none of these options is cost-effective for connecting the typical home-based user to the Internet.

In this chapter, you will learn about several different technologies used for Internet access from the home. Some of these same technologies can be used to remotely access corporate networks as well. This chapter covers the most common remote access technologies— namely, analog modems, DSL, ISDN, and cable.

AUTHOR'S NOTE While they may be on the CCNA exam, the topics in this chapter are less likely to be on the CCNA exam than most other topics in this book. For those of you that are planning to take the CCNA exam, instead of taking both the INTRO and ICND exams, you might consider skipping this chapter. Refer to the introduction to this book for more perspectives on the CCNA exam topics.

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