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Cisco's LAN switch revenue surpassed router revenues about the time that the CCNA certification was first announced back in 1998, so there is little doubt about the importance of LAN switches to Cisco. Also, the vast majority of end-user devices connect to a network by connecting to a LAN switch. So, it's no surprise that the CCNA certification exams cover switching concepts extensively.

Cisco uses two major alternatives for LAN switch operating systems. Also, each model series of switches from Cisco has several differences in the commands used, as compared with other Cisco switches that even use the same operating system. Conversely, Cisco routers all use a single operating system, called Cisco IOS Software, and the commands work the same on every router. So, Cisco can easily cover router configuration on the CCNA exams, without having to force everyone studying for the CCNA certification to use a particular model of router. However, covering such a wide variety of switch product lines, each with its own quirks for configuration, makes testing about LAN switch configuration difficult.

This chapter covers the basics of configuring 2950 series LAN switches. The 2950 uses a CLI IOS-like, with several commands in common with router IOS. However, many commands differ, and a few of the processes of how to do things on the 2950 differ from a router. So, this chapter points out the similarities with routers, but only briefly because Chapter 7, "Operating Cisco Routers," already covered those details. Where 2950s act differently, this chapter goes into more depth.

NOTE For those of you still working on the outdated 1900 series switches, the ICND Exam Certification Guide, Appendix E, contains coverage of the 1900 series switch CLI and commands.

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