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The most important and somewhat obvious objective of this book is to help you pass the INTRO exam or the CCNA exam. In fact, if the primary objective of this book were different, the book's title would be misleading! However, the methods used in this book to help you pass the exams are also designed to make you much more knowledgeable about how to do your job.

This book uses several key methodologies to help you discover the exam topics on which you need more review, to help you fully understand and remember those details, and to help you prove to yourself that you have retained your knowledge of those topics. So, this book does not try to help you pass the exams only by memorization, but by truly learning and understanding the topics. The CCNA certification is the foundation for many of the Cisco professional certifications, and it would be a disservice to you if this book did not help you truly learn the material. Therefore, this book helps you pass the CCNA exam by using the following methods:

■ Helping you discover which exam topics you have not mastered

■ Providing explanations and information to fill in your knowledge gaps

■ Supplying exercises that enhance your ability to recall and deduce the answers to test questions

■ Providing practice exercises on the topics and the testing process via test questions on the CD

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