LAN Cabling Standards and Topologies

This chapter completes the Ethernet puzzle for this book, in relation to the requirements of the INTRO exam. Ethernet was covered in several other chapters of this book— specifically, Chapter 3, "Data Link Layer Fundamentals: Ethernet LANs," Chapter 9, "Cisco LAN Switching Basics," and Chapter 10, "Virtual LANs and Trunking." The topics in those chapters laid the foundation of a relatively broad knowledge of Ethernet. However, to keep those chapters flowing and not get bogged down in some long tangents (in some cases, relatively unimportant tangents), those earlier chapters did not cover all the details of Ethernet that might be on the INTRO exam.

For those of you studying for the CCNA exam—in other words, the single-exam method of getting your CCNA certification—you are probably following the reading plan outlined in the introduction. For you, after this chapter, you should move on to the first three chapters of CCNA ICND Exam Certification Guide.

AUTHOR'S NOTE While they may be on the CCNA exam, the topics in this chapter are less likely to be on the CCNA exam than most other topics in this book. For those of you that are planning to take the CCNA exam, instead of taking both the INTRO and ICND exams, you might consider skipping this chapter. Refer to the introduction to this book for more perspectives on the CCNA exam topics.

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