ISDN Installation and Cabling

ISDN installation for a home-based PC works much like it does for modems. The most popular option uses an external ISDN modem, or terminal adapter. Figure 15-12 depicts the typical cabling.

Figure 15-12 Cabling a PC to an ISDN TA

In this case, a COM port (shown) or a USB port (not shown) connects to the TA. The TA terminates the ISDN cable from the telco.

The cable from the telco uses an RJ-45 connector, the same type used for Ethernet cables. However, the pins used inside the cable are different than those for Ethernet, so do not just grab any old cable with an RJ-45 connector. Piins 3 and 6 are used for transmit and pins 4 and 5 used for receive.

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