How You Should Proceed with Net Sim

You can bring up NetSim and dive right in. However, here a a few suggestions before you are ready to do all the labs:

■ Bring up NetSim now, and make sure you can at least get to a router command prompt, using the PC you will most likely use when studying. That way, when you are ready to do your first lab or scenario, you know you have worked out any installation issues.

■ If you intend to do most of the labs and scenarios, you might want to print CD-only Appendixes B and C.

■ Decide if you prefer to do the labs and scenarios after reading the book or as you go along.

■ If you want to do the labs as you progress through the book, refer to Table C-2 for my suggestions on the best time to do the labs and scenarios.

Considerations When Using NetSim 575

Table C-2 The Best Time to Do Each Lab or Scenario Using NetSim

Scenario or Lab



After Reading Which Chapter

Scenario: Chapter 16 of this book

Chapter 16

Comprehensive scenario for topics in this book


Scenario 3

CD-only Appendix B

LAN switch basic configuration


Scenario 6

CD-only Appendix B

Subnet design with a Class B network


Lab 1

CD-only Appendix C

Router command-line interface familiarization


Lab 2

CD-only Appendix C

2950 series switch command-line interface familiarization


Lab 3

CD-only Appendix C

Basic router IP configuration and management navigation


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