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Study Material For Cisco Ccna Ccnp And Ccie Students

Study Material For Cisco Students

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If you have any comments about the book, you can submit those via the web site. Just go to the web site, select Contact Us, and type in your message.

Cisco might make changes that affect the CCNA certification from time to time. You should always check for the latest detail. Also, you can look to, where we will publish any information pertinent to how you might use this book differently in light of Cisco's future changes. For instance, if Cisco decided to remove a major topic from the exam, they might post it on their web site; Cisco Press would make an effort to list that information as well.

The CCNA certification is arguably the most important Cisco certification. It certainly is the most popular, is required for several other certifications, and is the first step in distinguishing yourself as someone who has proven knowledge of Cisco.

The CCNA INTRO Exam Certification Guide is designed to help you attain CCNA certification. This is the CCNA INTRO certification book from the only Cisco-authorized publisher. We at Cisco Press believe that this book certainly can help you achieve CCNA certification—but the real work is up to you! I trust that your time will be well spent.

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