Configuring 2950 IOS Software

The configuration process and the configuration files used are identical when comparing the router IOS behavior and a 2950 switch. So there is nothing more to learn compared with the router IOS. In other words, the following are true:

■ You use the configure terminal command from enable mode to enter configuration mode.

■ Your configuration commands change the configuration of the switch the instant you press Enter at the end of each command.

■ The help shown in configuration mode changes, depending on what configuration submode you are in.

■ The copy running-config startup-config exec command saves the configuration to the permanent configuration file in NVRAM.

■ The startup-config file is stored in NVRAM, and the switch OS is stored in Flash.

■ All the variations of the copy command work just like they do on a router.

If you do not remember these details, just turn back to Chapter 7 and review the major heading titled, "Configuring Cisco IOS Software," for more information.

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