Cisco Published Intro Exam Topics Covered in This Part

13 Define and describe the structure and technologies of computer networks

14 Describe the hardware and software required to be able to communicate via a network

15 Describe the physical, electrical and mechanical properties and standards associated with optical, wireless and copper media used in networks

16 Describe the topologies and physical issues associated with cabling common LANs

17 Identify the key characteristics of common wide area networking (WAN) configurations and technologies, and differentiate between these and common LAN technologies

19 Describe the role of a router in a WAN

26 Compare and contrast collision and broadcast domains, and describe the process of network segmentation

28 Explain how collisions are detected and handled in an Ethernet system

29 Explain the fundamental concepts associated with the Ethernet media access technique

30 Describe how the protocols associated with TCP/IP allow host communication to occur

32 Describe the principles and practice of packet switching utilizing the Internet Protocol (IP)

33 Describe, compare and contrast network communications using two examples of layered models (OSI and IETF)

34 Describe the fundamental concepts associated with transport layer protocols, and compare the connectionless approach to transport with the connection oriented one

35 List the major TCP/IP application protocols, and briefly define their features and operation

36 Describe the operation of the major transport layer protocols TCP and UDP and the interaction and carriage of application layer data

37 Perform an initial configuration on a switch and save the resultant configuration file

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