Cisco Published Intro Exam Topics Covered in This Part

I Use a subset of Cisco IOS commands to analyze and report network problems

3 Determine IP addresses

7 Use commands incorporated within IOS to analyze and report network problems

8 Assign IP addresses

9 Describe and install the hardware and software required to be able to communicate via a network

10 Use embedded data link layer functionality to perform network neighbor discovery and analysis from the router console

II Use embedded layer 3 through layer 7 protocols to establish, test, suspend or disconnect connectivity to remote devices from the router console

12 Demonstrate the mathematical skills required to work seamlessly with integer decimal, binary and hexadecimal numbers and simple binary logic (AND)

23 Describe the concepts associated with routing, and the different methods and protocols used to achieve it

24 Describe how an IP address is associated with a device interface, and the association between physical and logical addressing

25 Employ IP addressing techniques

30 Describe how the protocols associated with TCP/IP allow host communication to occur

31 Describe the operation of the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and identify the reasons, types and format of associated error and control messages

32 Describe the principles and practice of packet switching utilizing the Internet Protocol (IP)

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