Book Features

To help you customize your study time using these books, the core chapters have several features that help you make the best use of your time:

■ "Do I Know This Already?" Quizzes—Each chapter begins with a quiz that helps you determine the amount of time you need to spend studying that chapter. If you follow the directions at the beginning of the chapter, the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz directs you to study all or particular parts of the chapter.

■ Foundation Topics—These are the core sections of each chapter. They explain the protocols, concepts, and configuration for the topics in that chapter. If you need to learn about the topics in a chapter, read the "Foundation Topics" section.

■ Foundation Summary—Near the end of each chapter, a summary collects the most important information from the chapter summarized in lists, tables, and figures. The "Foundation Summary" section is designed to help you review the key concepts in the chapter if you scored well on the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz. This section is an excellent tool for last-minute review.

■ Q&A—Each chapter ends with a Q&A section that forces you to exercise your recall of the facts and processes described inside that chapter. The questions are generally harder than the actual exam, partly because the questions are in short-answer format instead of multiple choice. These questions are a great way to increase the accuracy of your recollection of the facts.

■ CD-based practice exam—The companion CD contains a large number of questions not included in the book, as well as all the questions from the "Do I Know This Already" quizzes. You can answer these questions by using the simulated exam feature or the topical review feature. This is the best tool for helping you prepare for the test-taking process.

■ Hands-on practice using Boson Netsim™ LE—The CD also includes the Boson Netsim for CCNA INTRO Learning Edition network simulator, supporting the ability to perform many of the commands covered in the book. In particular, you can perform many of the practice scenarios and hands-on lab exercises also included on the CD, as well as several from the book. Appendix C details how to access the simulator, and what lab exercises can be performed. (The version of the Boson NetSim software included with this book is a limited functionality version. In order to access all functions and features of the software, you must purchase a full license for the software from Boson Software, Inc.)

■ CD-based practice scenarios—The companion CD contains a CD-only appendix B (which is a totally different appendix as compared with the printed appendix B in the book) which has several practice scenarios. These scenarios include several problem statements, with solutions, in order to help you pull both concepts and configuration commands together. These scenarios are useful for building your hands-on skills, even if you do not have lab gear. You can also perform some of these scenarios using the Boson NetSim LE network simulator, or using your own lab gear.

■ CD-based lab exercises—The companion CD contains a CD-only appendix C (which is a totally different appendix as compared with the printed appendix C in the book) which has several lab exercises. These lab exercises guide you through the steps used to perform the most popular configuration tasks. Like the scenarios, CD-only appendix C includes the answers to the labs, making it useful to just read the materials for extra reinforcement of the commands. You can also perform these labs using the Boson NetSim LE network simulator, or using your own lab gear.

■ CD-based subnetting practice—The companion CD contains an appendix that has 25 additional subnetting practice problems. Each problem shows the solutions for the subnet number, broadcast address, and valid IP addresses in each subnet. With this extra practice, you can be ready to answer subnetting questions quickly and accurately on the INTRO, ICND, and CCNA exams.

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