The technical editing team for this book and its companion volume was fantastic! Not only did they find where I had simply written the wrong technical facts, but they also helped me find new, more interesting, and clearer ways to convey certain facts about networking. Lynn was particular helpful with comments that helped keep small sections in line with the overall theme of the chapter—a skill I'm sure he developed as a result of having written books himself. Martin helped a lot with technical detail and perspectives from what customers see every day today. And Elan excelled in noticing both the small nit-picky errors and the significant technical problems. (And that's not an insult—every technical author loves help in finding the small problems!) Together, these three gentlemen formed a great team, with complementary skills. Thanks so much, guys!

The production team, headed by Patrick Kanouse, did its usual excellent job. Like the behind-the-scenes people in many businesses, their specific efforts may not be obvious to the public, but it's no less appreciated by me. In particular, Marc Fowler, the project editor, did an incredible job working through these two books on a very tight schedule, with his usual excellent work. You folks make me look good on paper all the time—if only you could be in charge of my wardrobe, too—I'd look good all the time!

Brett Bartow, executive editor, did his usual New-York-Yankees-like job in helping steer these two projects to completion. In between talking about sports, Brett worked through the many changes in direction with this book and helped guide us to the right product. And, yes, so the whole world knows, he did pick an Atlanta Braves player, John Smoltz, for his fantasy league baseball team—again proving he's a really smart guy.

Chris "develops" books for Cisco Press. What does that mean? Well, it means that he takes the Word documents and figures from geeky authors, and makes their writing become understandable. He takes the input from technical editors, and combines all the comments into a single word document, making the author's life easier. He constantly finds ways to rephrase, reword, and improve the manuscript. He manages all the work with the authors. And he always works to optimize the author's time, taking away some of the unpleasant part of the work, so that the author can worry about the technical details. Chris has worked with me on 6 projects now, and every time, he has done an excellent job. His work ethic goes far beyond the call of duty, and his performance is consistently excellent. To quote a few other authors as well: "Chris has taken all of the difficulty (of writing) out of the picture", "Chris has absolutely spoiled me and completely amazes me", and "He even helped me with my daughter's homework". Whatever, however, to make the book better, with an eye towards the least pain for the author, Chris is on top of it. Thanks, Chris, for all you do!

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