Corporate Internet Module in Small Networks

The Corporate Internet module provides internal users connectivity to Internet services and provides Internet users access to information on the corporate public servers. This module also provides remote access for remote locations and telecommuters through the use of VPN connectivity.

Several key devices make up the Corporate Internet module. These devices are described in Table 13-2.

Table 13-2 Corporate Internet Module Devices



Mail server

Acts as a relay between the Internet and the intranet mail servers and scans for mail-based attacks

DNS server

Serves as the authoritative external DNS server and relays internal requests to the Internet

Web/file server

Provides public information about the organization

Firewall or Cisco IOS Firewall router

Provides network-level protection of resources, stateful filtering of traffic, and VPN termination for remote sites and users

Layer 2 switch

Ensures that data from managed devices can only cross directly to the Cisco IOS Firewall and provides private VLAN support

As shown in Figure 13-2, either a Cisco IOS Firewall router or a PIX Firewall is used within the Corporate Internet module. The particular choice of hardware platform depends on the specific network requirements and any associated design criteria. Design considerations are discussed in subsequent sections of this chapter.

Figure 13-2 Small Network Corporate Internet Module

Figure 13-2 Small Network Corporate Internet Module

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