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The CCIE Routing and Switching qualification exam uses the typical certification test format with multiple-choice questions that have one or more correct answers per question. What makes some of questions more difficult on the exam is that more than five answer choices are listed for all or most questions. This reduces the effectiveness of eliminating obviously incorrect answers and choosing from the remaining answers.

The topics tested include the following:

• Cisco device operation

• General networking theory

• Bridging and LAN switching

• Internet Protocol

• IP routing protocols

• Desktop protocols

• Performance management

• WAN (addressing, signaling, framing, and so on)

• Multiservice

The blueprint for this examination is located at

The two-hour, computer-based examination is similar to other Cisco certifications, although it is a little more difficult with many more in-depth questions. You can view some sample questions at routing.html. NOTE

Occasionally, Cisco announces a beta trial for the Routing and Switching qualification test, and if you book the test, you pay only a small fee compared to the standard fee of approximately $250. The following link has more information: program/whatsnew.html

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