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Passing the qualification examination is the easier part of the CCIE exam journey. To pass the lab exam, your life needs to change dramatically, and you need to study on routers full time for at least three to six months. The good news is that the format of the lab examination has changed from two full days to one day only. You are no longer required to troubleshoot a network (regarded as the true method to test a CCIE's ability to restore a network back to full IP connectivity); you are now required to configure only a set number of features.

After you pass the qualification test, you are eligible to sit for the lab examination. You can book your lab examination online at the following address: Lab/jsp/login.jsp

The lab examination contains the following devices:

• 2500 series routers

• 2600 series routers

• 3600 series routers

• 4000 and 4500 series routers

• 3900 series Token Ring switches

• Catalyst 5000 series switches

Ensure that you practice with and understand these devices. Practice configuring almost every IOS feature, and fully understand what each IOS command actually enables, instead of relying on limited experience with certain commands. Anyone can configure a Cisco router, but the ability to understand the full consequence of a command is crucial to passing the CCIE Lab Examination.

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