Set and clear Commands

The keyword set is used with one or more commands and parameters to create, enable, disable, or modify a component, item, or variable within a switch's anatomy or configuration. For instance, the set cdp enable 3/1 command enables CDP on module 3/ port 1 of a Catalyst switch. The set interface sc0 10 command configures the system console interface of a Catalyst switch to be a member of VLAN number 10. The set ip route destination [/netmask] gateway command adds an entry to the switch's IP routing table.

The keyword clear, depending on the keyword(s) it is used with, allows you to clear a table, delete a previously created item, disable a configured behavior, and more. For example, the clear cam command clears the CAM (Content Addressable Memory) table entries. The clear logging server deletes a syslog server from the switch's configuration. The clear vlan vlan-number command deletes a VLAN from a management domain.

There are numerous set and clear commands within the Catalyst 5000 switch's command set, but discussing the syntax and usage of them is not within the scope of this book. Refer to "Table 1-6: Switch Command Set" in the Cisco Documentation CD-ROM (also available online at Cisco Connection Online, for a list and brief explanation of Catalyst 5000 commands.

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