Ping for IPX

Cisco introduced ping for IPX with IOS release 8.2. Ping for IPX has the same usage as ping for IP: they both are great reachability testing tools. Novell Corporation also offered ping for IPX with the NetWare IPX/SPX protocol stack. However, these two ping for IPX implementations are not compatible. In other words, you cannot use the Cisco IOS ping command to test network layer reachability to devices running Novell's IPX/SPX stack (a Novell server, for instance). However, in addition to the Cisco proprietary IPX ping, Cisco IOS also allows you to generate a Novell-compliant ping that can be used when the target is a Novell server. If you enter the ipx ping-default novell command at the global configuration mode, your Cisco router's ping will be Novell compliant as of that time. However, most of the time, you will want to send ping packets to Cisco routers as well. Hence, when you want to send ping packets to Novell servers, instead of changing the default ping behavior, it is recommended that you consider using the extended ping command and type "yes" when presented with the "Novell Standard Echo [n]:" prompt.

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