Debug ipx ipxwan

debug ipx ipxwan

IPXWAN (defined in RFC 1634) allows a router that is running IPX routing to connect via a serial link to another router that is also routing IPX and using IPXWAN. IPXWAN is a connection startup protocol, and once a connection has been established, it is virtually overhead-free. The IPXWAN protocol can be used over PPP or over HDLC (in case of HDLC, both routers must be Cisco routers). The ipx ipxwan interface configuration command (with the appropriate parameters) is used to enable IPXWAN on a serial interface. The debug ipx ipxwan command displays debug information for interfaces configured to use IPXWAN. This command allows you to see (and verify) the startup negotiations between two routers running the IPX protocol through a WAN, and produces output only during state changes (and during startup).

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